What is HappyLifePublishing.com?

HappyLifePublishing is about books we think contribute to a Happy Life.  We’ll have academic books, and inspirational books.  We’ll have financial literacy books, and practical wisdom books.  Books that nourish the soul, or nourish the mind.

Nope, we don’t promote fiction around here.

We have all sorts of books here.  We have paper books, and eBooks. We have books-for-sale, and free eBooks.  Books that mainly help you to learn new skills, and books that you simply want to read to feel good.

We have books we want to promote for family, or for friends.  We have books we want to promote for groups and causes  we believe in. We have books to teach the skills we are proficient in ( to complement our teachings )

  • TrulyRichClub
  • TrulyRichMakers
  • financial literacy
  • math, science and computing
  • Internet marketing

Feel free to explore and browse our site!

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